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The Nursing and School of Allied Health Education Center, located at 1800 Line Avenue in Shreveport, Louisiana, provides the educational environment for Nursing and Radiological Sciences majors enrolled in general academic or clinical courses.

The Center consists of the Line Avenue School (listed in the National Register of Historic places), the Library Building, the Faculty Tower, and the Warrington Building. The Library Building houses the library, computer center, multimedia center, nursing skills lab, classrooms and a large lecture hall which can be divided into two rooms and used for workshops, seminars, and conferences. The Faculty Tower has four stories and contains the nursing administrative and faculty offices, as well as several offices for student organizations. One block west, at 1800 Warrington, is the site of a two-story building that houses the Radiologic Sciences classes and labs, computer labs, and the Northwestern State University Child and Family Network offices.

The Nursing and Allied Health Center is a no smoking complex. No children or visitors are allowed in class and unaccompanied children are not allowed in the Nursing Education Center at any time.

There is student, faculty and staff parking located around the Nursing Education Center Complex and the Warrington Building. Handicapped parking and faculty/staff parking are designated.

Clinical facilities utilized in the Shreveport include various hospitals, medical centers, clinics, nursing homes, public health agencies, home health agencies and other community based agencies.

Approximately 1000 students are currently enrolled in the College of Nursing and School of Allied Health on the Shreveport Campus in general education and clinical courses. The telephone numbers and address for general information is (318) 677-3100, (800) 454-9567, 1800 Line Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana 71101.

The Shreveport Learning Center was established in 2015 to provide students with computers, printers, tutoring services, educational enrichment computer software, anatomy models, scientific learning aids, and other educational enrichment aids which promote student learning.

Originally the idea of enriched student learning on the Shreveport campus began as a part of a Title III Grant initiative which was completed in 2014. NSU believed the services were so valuable that they vowed to continue developing the objectives of the grant and thus began construction of the Learning Center. The Learning Center was developed in a large room of the library that had previously housed printed journals; which are now available in digital format.

Since the inception of the learning center, over 200 students have utilized the services housed in the Learning Center.

The Natchitoches College of Nursing and School of Allied Health Office is located on the second floor of Fournet Hall on the NSU Campus. Also located in the Fournet Hall complex are a classroom and a Nursing student computer lab with 200 computers for student use. Two faculty members are available at that site for student advising and instruction, as well as a full-time secretary to assist faculty and students.

Faculty from the Shreveport Campus travel to Natchitoches to help students with advising and registration. Pre-nursing and Radiologic Sciences majors on the Natchitoches Campus are enrolled in general education courses along with students in approximately 100 other majors.

The Watson Library provides extensive resources for students, who also have access to approximately 200 computers located across the campus.

The Associate of Science in Nursing clinical courses are offered to a limited number of students in the Natchitoches area primarily through upward mobility for Licensed Practical Nurses. Clinical facility and laboratory experiences are completed at Natchitoches healthcare agencies.

The telephone numbers for the Natchitoches Nursing office are (318) 357-6776 or 1 (800) 730-8973. The address is College of Nursing and School of Allied Health, NSU, Natchitoches, Louisiana 71497.

The Northwestern State University CENLA Campus serves the central Louisiana area with select degree programs through the NSU Cenla Campus.

The Leesville Campus is located on University Parkway midway between Leesville and Fort Polk. This campus serves the military personnel at Fort Polk and the civilian communities of Vernon, Sabine, and Beauregard Parishes. Nursing classes for the Associate of Science in Nursing Program on the Leesville Campus began in the fall of 1995. There are three full-time nursing faculty who advise, teach and assist students. An extensive computer lab is available to students. CAI from other campuses may be accessed through the computers.

Nursing resources are continually being added to the library based on identified needs of faculty and students. The nursing laboratory is equipped to provide simulated learning experiences for clinical students. Clinical facilities include hospitals and nursing homes in Leesville and DeRidder. The telephone number and address for the Leesville Campus is (337) 392-3102, 3329 University Parkway, Leesville, Louisiana 71446.